A Few Links

 The official Donald Westlake site   Official page. Among other things, it contains a short story and the beginning of some novels.
 The Violent World of Parker A nice site with a lot of info on Richard Stark books.
 Another site  A few links.
 The Time Warner page about Westlake
 A site in Italian
 A Thrilling Detective page   Very interesting page. Includes scripts and movie related things.
 A recent interview
 A bibliography  Extensive, with some errors.
 The Gumshoe Site  Managed by Kimura. Not specific on Westlake, but interesting bibliographic information shows up now and then.
 Giallo Web  An interesting Italian site. It contains an italian bibliography of Westlake (and several other authors).

Thanks to...

I wish to thank all the people that helped. Among them (in absolutely random order):
William G. Contento,  Stefan Dziemianowicz,  Ken Huebschman,  Jiro Kimura, Glenn Campbell, Tanaka Shigeki,  D.E. Westlake, Alan Howard, Josxito Hasximoto, Lee Server, Alan Kaufman, Kevin Quigley, the people on it.discussioni.giallo and rec.arts.mystery and on the Rara-Avis mailing list.

Who am I ?

My name is Giovanni Resta. I'm 39, (married, two kids) and I'm a researcher in theoretical computer science.
Ah, I'm Italian  (I live near Pisa), so please forgive me for all the errors you'll find above. They're not typos, but truly syntax errors.... My quite uninformative and badly under-construction home page is here. Mentally disturbed people may find interesting to look at a picture of me.

I'm rather an affectionate compulsive reader with completistic tendencies than a collector.
Indeed, I appreciate a  mass-marked used and abused paperback  as well as a first edition numbered and signed hardback.
When in doubt I vote for the cheapest. My motto is  MORE BOOKS FOR MY BUCKS.
Concerning short stories, even barely readable xerox copies suite me  (since old magazines are quite difficult to locate,
working from this side of the ocean....) , so if you see a  * beside a magazine that does not mean I own the original,
only that I have a way to read (and share, if needed) that story.

Among my favourite writers are: Reginald Hill, Rex Stout, Jack Ritchie, Salinger, Wodehouse, Chesterton, Borges, Fredric Brown, Robert Sheckley, Ray Bradbury, and Raymond Chandler.

Besides mathematics and computers (hence my occupation), I like uncommon plants and flowers.